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  • High-Risk Divorces: Why Pre-Nuptial Agreement Is Important
    Prenuptial agreements are a necessity for protecting the livelihood of both spouses entering marriage, especially in cases wherein the stakes or assets are high. Even if both parties agree and get the best options, the process of divorce is still […]
  • What Happens To The Family Business After Divorce?
    When considering divorce, spouses often think about the family home, real estate, financial accounts and maybe even retirement accounts. One important asset that should also be considered is whether a family business may be subject to marital distribution. Overview How […]
  • What To Prioritize: Divorce Or Filing For Bankruptcy?
    It is important to know that bankruptcy and divorce can actually go together. The catch, however, is knowing which to do first. Knowing what to do can have a major impact on your finances as you move forward. Below are […]
  • What Are My Protections if My Spouse Divorces Me While I am Deployed?
    Prior to 2003, many a soldiers, marines, and sailors came home to empty houses and divorce orders. Likewise, creditors frequently foreclosed homes, obtained judgments, garnished wages, and repossessed vehicles while service members were deployed abroad. This little-known fact caused significant […]
  • What Every Texas Driver Should Know About Pretext Stops
    Everyone knows the police can stop you for speeding, driving recklessly, swerving, running a red light, or committing any other type of moving violation. What people rarely understand is when the police cannot stop you. Texas DWI attorneys frequently see clients who were charged […]
  • Woman Charged With Sexual Assault Of Child
    Attorney Bobby Dale Barina comments on an article in TDTNews about woman charged with the sexual assault of child. Sexual assault allegations are among the most serious allegation that can be made in our criminal justice system. A citizen can be forced to […]
  • Fed Agents Raid Doctor Office
    Attorney Bobby Dale Barina comments on an article in TDTNews about fed agents raid in the doctor office. The Federal Government has seized the Doctor’s Files. Once a governmental agency takes a person’s files they have months to examining them in order to […]
  • A Putative Creditor Lurking After A Claim
    When there is a car accident and the case has settled by a personal injury lawyer, the money is ready to be given out. The victim needs their money as soon as possible to pay bills and other creditors. It […]
  • Important Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Information
    This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane, with respect to renting a car after an accident. Renting a car can make traveling to a new location more convenient, but it also […]
  • Bitcoin And All Other Cryptocurrencies
    A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange. The currency may be used to transfer funds, purchase items or pay debts in anonymity. It is free from government manipulation and control. Its value is determined by agreement of the parties engaged […]

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  • Brandon H.
    On the worst day of your life, you want this guy Bobby Barina has been the attorney for my family for many years now. Now matter how busy he is, he always makes you feel like you are the only client he has.
    Brandon H.
  • Corene
    My attorney represented me for my Military Divorce that also included, Child Custody and Support for my 4 year old daughter and Military Retirement Benefits and spousal support for myself. The entire staff that I worked with especially Leslie (Paralegal) kept me informed every step of the way and always looked out for what was best for my daughter and I. At first I was very nervous to hire an attorney without flying back to Texas to meet with them in person but after one phone call and email correspondence I did in fact hire Bobby Dale Barina to represent me and my daughter. I have never formerly met any of the staff but I feel like I have known them for years. My Divorce was finalized this month April 2014 and I received everything I asked for. Yes I recommend Bobby Dale Barina Law Firm for anyone who is looking for an attorney that will do whatever it takes to get what you deserve!!! Again I am very satisfied and pleased. Divorce is never an easy thing to go through and it was very rough for me in the beginning but thanks to the Bobby Dale Barina Law Firm the ending was much more smoother for me and my daughter. Thank You Again to Paralegal Leslie Sawyer, Attorney Bobby Barina, and Attorney Tyler J Woudwyk for all of your time, patience, and understanding on my case.
  • A Former Client
    Mr Barina and the staff were very helpful all through the divorce and custody. They handled my case and I was very pleased with the outcome. The key to quality and efficiency is professionalism, and that is what Mr Barina delivered.
    A Former Client
  •  Marla
    “Bobby helped me greatly! He help me through the most stressful time of my life!”
  • Julia
    “I appreciate everything Mr. Barina did for me and my family. He was not cheap, but he was worth every penny. I made the mistake of going cheap last time, and it cost me a lot more money in the end. This time, I went with a Board Certified attorney and everything went my way!”
  • J.W.
    Mr. Barina and his staff helped me with my complicated and stressful case. After 10 years with my husband, we still couldn’t agree on anything! We’re both in the military, so we had some confusing issues to try to figure out between the house, kids and retirement issues. They helped me understand my rights and develop a plan to get the things that were most important to me. We were able to maintain open communication and work out a visitation schedule that works for our unique situation. And the fact that we did this peacefully, makes it easier on the kids, I think. I am very happy with the work Bobby and Leslie did for my family and have even referred a friend to them.
  • Laura
    I used Mr. Barina as my attorney in a child custody case earlier this year. He did a good job of letting me know what needed to be done to get the child support adjusted for my son. His staff was extremely helpful when Mr. Barina was otherwise indisposed, and they knew what was going on everytime I asked. I appreciate the team effort put forward by Mr. Barina and his employees. His associate attorney even went to court one time when I couldn’t and that saved having to get the case reset which would have taken longer. I appreciate everything you all did for me. Thank you.

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