Fed Agents Raid Doctor Office

Attorney Bobby Dale Barina comments on an article in TDTNews about fed agents raid in the doctor office.

The Federal Government has seized the Doctor’s Files. Once a governmental agency takes a person’s files they have months to examining them in order to search for evidence of a crime. If the Doctor in this case is charged with a crime, he should meet with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

“Federal agents on Thursday raided the Temple medical office of Leslie Wayne Benson, a Texas physician who has been disciplined by state officials for improper bookkeeping and billing issues.

Agents from the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General spent the morning loading files into boxes from Benson’s clinic at 2114 Birdcreek Drive in South Temple. Benson, who also has offices in the Waco area and Fort Worth, specializes in treating injured government workers, according to his website… Read More

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