Helpful Tips To Better Co-Parenting After A Divorce

Bell County residents who must co-parent with a former spouse after a divorce can learn useful tips on how to do this.

Certainly the thought of a divorce is far from most people’s minds as they get married. Once children are born into a marriage, the complications involved in a divorce generally only increase. Some of these complications for Texas residents include the ongoing need to jointly parent the children long after the divorce settlement and custody plan has been signed.

Legal determinations for child custody and support may initially settle disputes as to where children will live and what, if any, financial support shall be paid to one parent by the other. While these parameters can provide the foundation for how children will be raised, they by no means address every issue that will arise. Parents must learn how to work together on an ongoing basis to do this over the years.

Co-parenting made simple via apps

One of the most challenging components of any co-parenting situation is the tracking and itemization of financial costs related to children and their activities. In addition to costs detailed in custody documentation, other expenses naturally arise over time. Just as in a marriage, finances can be a primary source of aggravation and tension between parents who are divorced.

The Huffington Post provides information about some apps that have been created to address this specific issue. They can be programmed with a particular family’s details including what percentage of costs each parent is responsible for. Individual items can be added and the portion owed by each parent calculated automatically. Payments from one parent to the other can be tracked and even initiated through some app interfaces.

Leveraging tools such as these apps can be a good means of eliminating the opportunity for conflict. This, in turn, opens the door for a more positive co-parenting atmosphere.

The benefits of positive co-parenting

Children are known to benefit in situations with lower levels of conflict and stress. Psychology Today offers divorced parents some suggestions on how they can maintain positive relationships between themselves for the good of their children.

For starters, adhering to any schedules for visitation or holiday times as outlined in the divorce decree can be wise, especially for younger children. As kids age, their activities may naturally force some deviation from stated schedules. In addition, their maturation allows them to accommodate for some levels of change as well.

Parents are encouraged to find opportunities to speak politely about each other to the children and to each other in front of the children.

The Texas State Legislature Family Code identifies that the state can determine physical and legal custody separately. Even in such situations, the involvement of both parents in children’s lives can be maintained. Parents are encouraged to work closely with their attorneys during a divorce to identify appropriate custody settlements.

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