Texas Child Custody: Putting The Child’s Needs First

When a couple goes through a divorce in Bell County, one area that they may come to a disagreement over is which parent gets to have primary custody of the children. Such disagreements, if unresolved, can lead to a nasty and lengthy child custody dispute, which could cause harm to the children involved.Unless there is an issue of domestic violence or other elements that could put the children in jeopardy, it can greatly benefit everyone involved if the parents share custody as equally as possible, putting aside their emotions and keeping their primary focus on their children’s needs.

Beneficial for everyone

The Office of the Attorney General of Texas makes an important point in their guide on co-parenting and that is regardless of whether a couple’s romantic relationship has fallen apart, the couple still has a parenting relationship. They will always have that connection which means that as children grow older, the parents will be brought together for special occasions such as weddings, births of grandchildren, birthdays and graduations.

Agreeing to work together enables each parent to experience the joys and challenges associated with the parenting process. As parents commit to working together, they may find a source of support and understanding in the other parent as time goes on. This can provide each parent with a resource if they need a parenting break or when a child enters a rebellious stage.

Communication important

Communication is important in any relationship and especially applies when it comes to parenting. However, it may be difficult for newly divorced parents to feel comfortable with the idea, especially if they are still dealing with personal feelings. Parents should consider starting with these options:

  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Phone conversations
  • A neutral third party

Establishing a communication line will also assist each parent in verifying information. Children often attempt to use manipulation to get something they want, such as watching a TV program, by telling a parent that the other parent said it was okay. Such statements could inadvertently breed frustration or hostility in one parent but when there is a communication line, those reactions can easily be averted and act as a lesson to the child that such behavior doesn’t work.

Two homes

Children need to spend time with each parent and this means that each home needs to feel like home. Parents should encourage their children to have a picture of the other parent in their room, according to the Huffington Post. They should also have personal items already there such as clothing, hygiene products, toys and games.

By keeping a focus on the children’s needs, parents can learn to work together and raise children that are well-adjusted, confident and secure. If you are concerned for the safety of your children or have questions about child custody, you should meet with an experienced family law attorney for legal assistance.

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