The Impact Of Mediation On Divorce In Texas

Although many people think of their wedding day as the happiest day in their life, they may come to think of their divorce as the worst time in their life. The National Center for Health Statistics states that nearly 60 percent of couples who marry between the ages of 20 and 25 will get divorced. While the U.S. marriage rate is 6.8 per 1,000 individuals, the divorce rate is an astounding 3.6 per 1,000 individuals. With so many marriages ending in divorce, mediation has gotten positive attention as being an amicable way of organizing and settling your Bell County divorce

Mediation should be avoided during the early stages of divorce as emotions often still run high. While one person may be seeking to separate possessions and financial responsibilities, the other may be trying to save the marriage. This usually results in one person refusing to agree or compromise on any of the details.

The role of a Texas mediator

In most cases, the mediator plays a small role in the actual negotiations process. They are simply present to ensure that the process runs smoothly and all of the issues are properly discussed. Once the final settlement is arranged, the mediator may suggest hiring a Texas family law attorney to push the settlement through the legal process. Where each person may have acquired their own personal attorney to take them through the divorce, mediation may enable the couple to save money, time and energy by hiring just one attorney.

Mediation requirements

Not every divorce can benefit from mediation. Both parties must be motivated to finalize and negotiate a settlement, as well as be able to constrain any heated emotions and handle themselves in a mature manner. If both parties are willing to compromise on the details of the settlement, there are some rewarding benefits of mediation, including:

  • Control over topics: The couple can direct the proceedings and have ultimate control over what topics are discussed.
  • Less expensive: In general, mediation is less expensive than traditional court costs, attorney’s fees and lengthy divorce battles.
  • Faster resolution: Instead of having to wait for the next court date or letter from an attorney, the couple is able to set their own timeframe for handling issues.
  • Schedule flexibility: Mediation appointments can be scheduled around work and other activities as mediators are often able to meet during evening and weekend hours.
  • Better for children: When parents are able to agree on child custody arrangements, it spares the child from having to go to court and be interviewed by experts.

Since mediation is often low key and tailored to the specific needs of the couple, it generally leads to less animosity and tension between the couple. This can help to strengthen the couple’s relationship when it comes to dealing with children post-divorce.

Hire a family law expert

In order to ensure your divorce settlement is carried out correctly, it is crucial to hire a Texas family law attorney that you can trust. An attorney who is experienced in mediation cases will help to dissolve your marriage quickly and accurately.

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